Andrea House is a commercial still life and portrait

photographer that splits her time between Boise, Idaho

and New York City.  She specializes in telling stories with

her imagery. Whether it's the story of a product you need,

a person you need to know, or a brand you need to adopt,

Andrea brings her photographic expertise and unique

voice to every project.  Most recently she was a member

of the Vacasa photo team where she helped create and

execute a visual style applied to all photography on their

vacation rental platform. Additionally, she is a founding

partner of Spry + Mighty, a one-stop-shop for both startup and established companies looking to define and develop their brand. 

Andrea studied at Hallmark Institute of Photography, where she received training from Gregory Heisler, David Turner, and Richard Barnesall distinguished professionals in the industry. Upon graduation, Andrea earned an Outstanding Achievement Award for Highest Portfolio Excellence. Before attending Hallmark, she earned a Bachelors of Art from the University of Wyoming and had several years of experience working in a professional portrait studio in Boise, Idaho.

When she's not on set, Andrea is spending time in the Idaho mountains with her Husband, Nick, and their vivacious corgi, Tater Tot.